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    • For each piece of art and antiques we represent, a "Certificates of Authenticity" is issued and guaranteed by the artist, or the relative legal / certified entity, and/or our gallery.
    • For our pottery antiques, "Thermoluminescence Test Certificate" proving years of origin are also provided and guaranteed by independant scientific laboratory.




    2/3 of our clients are international tourists and travellors with satisfaction and trust.


    We guarantee and provide safe, fast and priority ship worldwide every week.

    It usually takes 1-2 days for a delivery in Europe, and 1 week for countries outside of Europe.


    Over 40 years, we have solid experience of art shipping, partnering with different professional and art specific logistic suppliers:

    • We guarantee for an assured, fast and best rate shipments of our art around the world.
    • We prepare a professional packing and solid protection of artwork.
    • We organize prioritized and tracable shipments with tracking number.
    • We mange all administrative as exportation declaration, assurance and organization of the shipment.
    • We can also offer personalized and special logistic solutions upon to request of our clients.




    You are the boss, we are your dedicated advisor if you wish!

    We are always happy to closely work with our clients to recommend the suitable artwork tailored to both your house and budget, advise on art collection, suggest on framing, art moving, installation, outdoor fixation (e.g. sculpture), conservation and restauration.


    We have long-standing relationship with some of the best framers, art transportors, installators, architects and interior designers achieving a wide range of public and private art projects.


    Who did we serve for?

    • Corporates and Government
    • Private collectors


    If you live outside of European Union, or if you own a company,


    we offer financial advice on additional saving for your art acquisition with us:

    • VAT examption
    • Exportion
    • Art Leasing with acquisition option
    • etc...


    Since 30 years, we are specialist providing smart financial solutions for art. 

    WHAT is art leasing with acquisition option?

    • You rent your loved artwork(s) with a monthly fee for e.g. 6-12 months
    • At the end of the renting contract, you can buy with its "residual value" for the ownership either on behalf of professional or particular

    WHY is it a smart solution?

    • Buy cheaper as up to 21% VAT of the artwork price is recoverable
    • Rents are operating expenses deductible at 100% of taxable income 
    • VAT recoverable on rents

    WHO is eligible?

    • You, if you own a company or have a liberal profession in Belgium or France


    Invite art into your workplace and change artworks every year.

    Explore your taste with no risk and change your wall every period!

    Let art make a significant and positive impact to everyone! 


    Same conditions as Art Leasing except acquisition option.



    We strongly believe in the power of art and make our art accessible to young couples who have just invested in a new home.

    WHY is it important?

    • Creating your own art collection years after years is a valuable investment. 
    • The younger you begin, the most meaningful will be your collection, as it will reflect your life. It will tell your story and the colors of your soul.

    HOW do we support your project?

    • If you have bought a new home <40 years-old, and own a company or have a liberal profession in Belgium 
      • We allow a leasing from 2.500 € (instead of 10.000)
      • We allow a staggered payment (instead of a full payment on delivery)


    Sometimes you fall in live with a piece of art, but not sure how it'd fit in real with your interior. 

    Just send us your pictures of your salon or wall(s) you imagine for the artwork and we'll simulate the exact view in right proportions and suggest you the best ones!


    It is really helpful to visualize before investing, and totally exclusive and free!



    If you buy art as a gift for a birthday, or an anniversary, or a special commemoration


    we're glad to be part of your project and offer:

    • A beautiful gift box packing
    • An artist's signed book with your wished text to your loved person
    • A special discount (please contact us for detailsl)


    If you dream to have an unique artwork to include some personal and symbolic text to you and your loved, or of a particular size and color, we'll help your idea!


    Some of our wall art installist, calligraphists, painters and sculptors can make your wish come true...

    When it is possible, we'll be the bridge between the collector and the artist directly to create this very special artwork. 



    • You are pretty convinced for an artwork but still need to try at home in situ
    • You have a crush for several pieces, but hard to decide which one(s) work the best in real


    We offer you the possibility "to try"... for free !

    We bring the artwork(s) to your home for a couple of days...the time for you to feel and decide with no doubt.

    But we have to warn... The day we come to take it back, it might be hard... ;-)



    Catherine Meulemans propose art therapy sessions in visio-conferences.



    It is a discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. Art therapy, as a creative arts therapy profession, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition.

    Art therapy can be used to help people improve cognitive and sensory motor function, self-esteem, self awareness, emotional resilience.[2] It may also aide in resolving conflicts and reduce distress.

    The tenets of art therapy involve humanism, creativity, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and personal growth.


    For more information, feel free to contact directly to catherine@artthema.com and +


    Charity Project for Elderly Chinese Migrants in Brussels by ConnectingBrussels, collaborating with Art Thema HéYī (2021)


    We care about people, especially children, elderly and artists. Helping others is our social responsibility.

    We work with govenments, non-profit assotiations and charity entities.


    We and our artists also care and suppor art education and young talent artists to achieve their dreams.


    From 2021, every artwork sold from the gallery will contribute to a donnation of the full series of 10 books "Masters' Liberal Education For Children" sending to the schools in the poor regions of China, that includes:

    - Art for children

    - Music for children

    - National treasures for children

    - Calligraphy for children

    - Chinese for children

    - History for children

    - History of Life for children

    - Ancient Poems for children

    - Proses for children

    - Fables for children


    Thank you for every partcipation with us for these meaningful projects!