Scientifically Tested & Authenticated by

A Belgian Expert Member of KVGA for 40 Years

• These timeless pieces of history and art from China are belong to a big private collection held by a Belgian expert on Asian antiques overs 40 years of travel and experience throughout the Far East to her passion for Asian culture and art. She currently lives in Antwerpen, Belgium. She is a longstanding. member of the The Royal Guild of Flemish Antique Dealers / Koninklijke Gilde van Vlaamse Antiquairs (KGVA) which stands for a mark of unquestionable quality. KGVA is a professional organization lawfully recognized with a longstanding tradition since 1922. It represents art and antique dealers in Flanders and aims to protect and give a legal framework to their profession. All members work according to an ethical code, and the items that are offered for sale must be of absolute perfection and quality, that enables private individuals to purchase with confidence. 



• All pottery pieces are scientifically tested and authenticated by divers professional and well-known local or international third parties for Chinese antique appraisal.

Certificates of Authenticity are issued and guaranteed by the professional antique entity of the owner.


• Exhibitions :

Brussels, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, and Singapore etc...

Art Thema HeYī is the exclusive gallery of these privates collections over 20 years 


• Art Thema HéYī is the gallery permanently exposing in Belgium over 20 years

Our main exhibitions in 2021:

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium