LAST CHANCE | Until March 2022
• What: Unique Wall Architecture of "Butterfly Effects"
• When: Until March 2022 before going to the U.S.A.
• Where: Art Thema HéYī: 59 Rue de la Madeleine, 1000, Brussels
1977 - Born in Quimper, France
It was in Thailand that Rod experimented with the art of "Fragmentation", into creation of an unique wall installation from nature, resin and light. In constant search of living and dead substances, Rod practices coming together to weave stories through his spectacular installations. He brought us to a dreamland between the reality and fantacy. His wall installations take on the appearance of sometimes dense, sometimes minimalist patchworks, leaving neither the eye nor the heart indifferent.
The process of Fragmentation gives ROD many possibilities to create, taking into consideration of art, wall architecture, resin art, design, photography, mixed-media and painting without limit. It is a photographical, graphic, conceptual and intellectual work based on a very simple process. ROD captures, fragments then mixes and gathers several powerful images to recompose a pixilated, structured and excessive whole that invades and takes over the space as well as the mesmerized spectator.
February 15, 2022