• 1949: Born in Cannes, France

• 1966: First steps on wood sculpture with Almela, a sculptor of Spanish origin. 

               At the same time, he studied the Beaux-Arts in Nîmes.

• 1968: At 19 year's old, 1st exhibition at the Town Hall of Arles, France.

• 1968 - 1984: During 17 years, he developed an original technique that freed him from the constraints inherent in wood, stone and plaster sculpture.

• 1985: It is bronze becoming his favorite material, which will allow him to perpetuate research in his quest to obtain ever more independence from matter.


Over 50 years Jean-Pierre Baldini made nearly 300 bronze sculptures in themes of 25 series every 2-3 years that mark the strong personality of this artist.


ART THEMA HÉYĪ, as exclusive gallery since 40 years in Brussels, Belgium, we're pleased to present the latest creations of Jean-Pierre Baldini in exhibition "A Moment of Life" :



- 2022: “Writing”

- 2021:“ReflectIon”

- 2016: “Fracture”

- 2015: “Shadow”

- 2012: “Trace”

- 2011: “Feather”

- 2010: “Mobilis”